All Carl Bradychok Guitar Pickups are triple checked for any defects prior to shipping. 

All pickups have a 1 year warranty for the original owner against any manufacturing defects

Depending on the issue, the pickup(s) will be repaired or replaced

at no cost to the purchaser, EXCEPT the cost of shipping the pickup(s) to me.

I pay the return shipping.


The 1 year warranty is voided if there are any signs of abuse, modifications, attempts to repair the pickup(s) yourself, etc.

All Fender styled pickups that I offer include mounting screws.

Please use the screws provided, OR screws that are the same diameter

and thread. My Tele bridge pickups and Strat pickups use 6-32 screws,

and Tele neck pickups use 4-40 screws. WARRANTY VOIDED if pickup(s)

are drilled to accommodate different size/thread screws.

If I decide the warranty is voided for any of the reasons stated above,

you will be given a quote for the cost of repairing or replacing the damaged pickup(s). If you decline, the pickup(s) will be shipped back to you in the condition I received them in.