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T-Blade 50's Bridge:


T-Blade Neck:


50's T-Blade Set:


 Carl Bradychok T-Blade Pickups:
After trying dozens of T-style pickups month after month and not finding anything I completely liked, I decided to start winding my own pickups. In 2006 I designed my own set of single coil blade pickups. After almost 7 years and hundreds of shows using these pickups exclusively, I have perfected these pickups to my taste and made them available in 2013.

The Sound:
Overall, these pickups are big, clean and clear. Simply put, these pickups sound like early ‘50s low output pickups but with higher output similar to a P.A.F. humbucker. The 50s bridge pickup uses a winding pattern very similar to an original ’52 flat-pole pickup I studied, with a "hump" in the 
mids. The neck pickupis big, clear and jazzy- Not dark, dull and useless.

All pickups have lacquered bobbins, white or black cotton string wrap and come with waxed cloth covered
wire. *Please specifiy what color string you would like when ordering. Black string will be shipped if there is no note.*

Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. Pickups are made to order one at a time.


​Due to slow sales on pickups, I'm not restocking parts for my T-Blade pickups at this time. Please contact me if you're interested in a set and I'll see what I can do!