S-Style Traditional Pickup

(Please list your specs and what position when ordering!)



S-Style Traditional Set

(Please list your specs when ordering!)


My S-Style pickups are made to order to your specs. Please tell me the approximate output you'd like for each pickup (5.5k-7.3k) when ordering. Wound with 42awg wire. I mostly use Alnico 5 magnets, but Alnico 3 can be used as well for a mid-50's tone. My bridge pickups are usually wound with a little more midrange similar to a 50's Tele, but I can do "stock" S-style bridge pickups as well. Middle pickups are reverse wound/reverse polarity. Covers are included, please tell me what color you'd like when ordering. 

If you're not sure of what specs you'd like, feel free to contact me to talk about your pickups!

Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. Pickups are made to order one at a time.

Traditional S-Style Pickups:

Alnico magnets, lacquered Fiberboard bobbins, cloth wrapped wire.

​Vintage tone with some modern tweaks.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: Please contact me to order due to shipping costs.