P-90's are one of my favorite pickups. They're great for blues, jazz, country, rockabilly and punk rock. I've spent a lot of time perfecting these to my taste, and I believe I've come up with a great sounding set that is versatile like a good P-90 should be.

The bridge pickup is wound to have a good "crispy" midrange with a big low end without being muddy. Like the bridge, the neck pickup is big and clear sounding, with no mud. The middle position has great chime and clarity. These pickups are wound to complement the way you play and not be a one trick pony. They can be thick, twangy or jazzy all depending on how you push them.

The standard set is right around 7.2k neck and 8.2k bridge. Other outputs available, contact me to talk about what you need!

Your choice of Alnico 2, 3 or 5 magnets, DOG EAR or SOAP BAR.

Please list your specs when ordering!

*Covers are NOT INCLUDED in price, but are available for an extra charge*

Single P-90:


P-90 Set: