...D'oh! Almost 6 months without updating the website... A slow computer sure makes me put off the work! Updates:

Both European tours went well! The Elvis tour was 25 shows in 31 days. Very little rest, but a great tour!  Before the Elvis tour, I did a tour with "Carl Bradychok and the Money Makers." These shows were definitely some of my favorite shows of my entire career. I'm thrilled to say we have some more shows in the works for 2019. Stay tuned!

In other news, my tribute to Carl Perkins, "Carl Plays Carl" is now fully recorded, mixed and mastered! I will have two different pre order packages available soon. This CD was extremely fun and rewarding for me to record. It gave me the chance to dig deep in to my hero's catalog and pick out some great, rare songs to record. This project took about 15 months to record, and everything is done exactly how I wanted with no compromises. I'm proud to have two very special guests on the CD, which I will announce soon!  I had a difficult time picking songs, which is obvious, since this is a whopping FIFTEEN SONG CD! Info for pre orders soon!

 As far as pickups go, almost everything is available. I'm currently out of stock of parts for the Tele blade pickups. This is the slow "season" for pickups, so once I get some requests for them, I'll have them in stock again. So feel free to request them! The easiest thing for right now is to CONTACT me for any orders, and I'll get back to you shortly. 

Gig schedule will be updated soon!!