$25.00 USA ORDER:                                                       $30.00 INTERNATIONAL ORDER:

CD's will be shipped in 1-2 weeks. Pre order bonus song (Honey Don't) will be sent to your email in 1-2 days. Thank you!

My new CD, “Carl Plays Carl,” a tribute to Carl Perkins, is now available for pre order! I can confidently say that this the most complete Carl Perkins tribute record out there, with 15 songs ranging from his first record on Sun Records in 1954 to his last album from 1996! 

I have TWO pre order packages available:

For $15 ($25 international), the “Carl Plays Carl” CD, plus a bonus song, “Honey Don’t” which does not appear on the CD and is ONLY available through pre order! Bonus song will be sent to you via Dropbox.

For $25 ($30 international), the “Carl Plays Carl” CD, the bonus song AND a complete bonus CD of myself with The Money Makers live in France in 2017! These were only available at our live shows in France and are very limited! 

$15.00 USA ORDER:                                                       $25.00 INTERNATIONAL ORDER: