All merchandise pages are temporarily disabled while I'm in Europe. Everything will be back on the site at the end of May.



In less than a week I'll be flying to Europe for not one, but TWO tours! I'll be singing and playing guitar with my friends, The Money Makers in France and Switzerland for five shows, and then I'll be flying to Finland to start my seventh "Elvis' Friends And Original Musicians" tour! We'll be coming to Finland, Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden this year. 25 shows in 30 days! Full schedule for both tours posted on my Schedule page.

 After 12 years, I've decided to make some changes to my Tele Blade Pickups. To all of the faithful T-Blade users, the "Generation II" blade pickups will have the same great tone when you order the stock set. Along with the stock set, I'll have new winds available as well! After over a decade of making these pickups and using them exclusively in my Telecasters, I'm really excited to expand the Blade line and have more options and tones available soon. Stay tuned, they'll be available in June!